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How Mindful Eating can Help You Lose Weight for Free?

How Mindful Eating can Help You Lose Weight for Free?


It’s shocking to know that human attention span has fallen to its all time low.

It is 8 seconds less than that of a goldfish.

Your attention has shifted to the modern distractions of computers, television and smartphones.

The helpless victim of depleting attention and growing distraction is your eating habit.

It has lost the slowness and the attention from your side.

Actually, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full.

But with eating becoming a mindless act, such realization to the brain does not come on time.

Also, if you eat fast, the fullness signal will not arrive on time until you have already eaten too much.

That is why the need of mindful eating comes onto the scene.

It’s the need in the present world and gaining popularity at a rapid pace. It’s a technique, once mastered can help you fight obesity, anxiety and depression.

So let me take you through the details of the mindful eating which once mastered, can help you lose weight and fight obesity.

What is Mindful Eating?

Rising popularity of mindful eating has given a lot of people a false impression that it’s some sort of fad diet.

In fact, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation which enables you to recognize and deal with your physical and emotional cues. Like meditation, it’s like being present in the moment.

The concept of mindful eating was first mentioned in an article featured in New York Times. The practitioners in Buddhist monastery were encouraged to eat food in silence. They kept their full attention on the taste, color, smells and flavor of the food.

Mindful eating is letting yourself listen to your body. The signal your body gives and your actual response to it determines the control over your mind.

It allows you to eat when you are actually hungry. Your mind gets confused with the actual, emotional hunger and the thirst.

The practice of mindful eating gradually helps you, get rid of that confusion by feeding it with the actual response it deserves.

It allows you to develop a healthy relationship with your diet. Mindful eating demands you to savor each bite slowly with full awareness.

You can say that the food on your plate tests your intention and demands your full attention.

Yet, it’s not restricted to a diet; it can be enjoyed without restrictions.

Mindful Eating can help you lose weight

You never know when you enter the arena of stress. You try to avoid it. Fight with it giving a lot of excuses, but it stays within you, hampering your health from the back of your head.

If stress is not the single most reason to add weight, it is one of the reasons which make you eat mindlessly.

Stress takes the center stage of your attention and makes you eat lot within a short amount of time. That is what gives birth to a binge-eating disorder and emotional eating disorder.

How much may it surprise you reading the sentence that mindful eating does help you lose weight and control stress?

There is veracity in evidence in the form of research, published in the elite and by the trusted health institutions. They for sure give you clarity for the above-written question.

It’s like how you exercise. The good is your muscle and mind connection, the good is the result in the form of muscle pump.

In mindful eating, you are required to develop the mind and gut connection.

A good connection of your mind with gut enables you to keep control over your eating habits.

In fact, changing your thinking towards food will lead you to a better self- control, awareness and more positive emotions.

5 Tips to Exercise Mindful Eating

The first tip to control mindless eating is to be present in the moment and have a control on your habit.

But if you are not able to, then here are five tips which can help you in exercising the technique of mindful eating.

1. Listen to your body and realize your hunger

An office working is bound by the time. The particularity of sticking to the time is essential for an employee. Even the lunch break follows a time.

You are required to have your lunch at that particular time and within that span of time. With people moving for lunch makes your mind follow the crowd.

You have your food during that lunch break even if you are hungry or not. The gut is ignored by the mind and following the crowd becomes the main criteria.

You try to please your gut following the time, not the actual hunger.

Similarly, when the whole family sits for dinner at night, you try to have your dinner at that particular time with your family. Such a similarity sounds weird when that the only time you get to meet your family for the whole day.

You can sit and talk without having the food. Have your food when actual hunger strikes your gut and let your mind know it. It will help you lose weight.

2. Eat in silence and avoid distractions

An office working is bound by the time. The particularity of sticking to the time is essential for an employee. Even the lunch break follows a time.

As stated in the beginning of the post, mindful eating is based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. The concept requires you to maintain a complete silence while having your food.

The inessentials should be removed and the concentration should be on the consumption of essentials served on your plate.

Mobile phones, television, and the laptop act as a distraction in a way of your eating habits. They make you stuffed unaware and increase the speed of your eating.

It would do you well if you can keep these distractions away from you. The silence while having your food will increase your concentration. You would know when to stop and avoid stuffing yourself more than your hunger.

You can practice by using a timer on your watch. When you sit to have your meal, you need to set a time of 20 minutes on the timer. Keep your mobile phone in a silent mode and turn off your television.

Maintain full concentration on the food on your plate. Feel the color and smell of the food. Take a small bite and savor each bite when you move your teeth to make it into small chunks, worthy of easy digestion.

This routine will need a lot of effort in the beginning but once mastered will help you feel eating and not merely stuffing your stomach.

If you allow these training habits to develop a regular habit in you, the results of this habit will help you in weight loss and good digestion. It’s a form of meditation with the main focus on your food.

You can even practice it on your dining table with your family around. Make a rule that no one will talk while having their meals and mobile phones and televisions to be kept on silent mode.

3. Don’t over stuff yourself

Mindless eating forces you to eat the food more than your hunger. It leads your stomach to feel stuffed. The over stuffing of food is caused when your mind is distracted somewhere else while eating.

In fact, when you eat slowly and with full concentration the gut will send the fullness message to the mind on time.

Once the distraction is at work they make you eat more than your limit leaving you stuffed. Such an act of mindless eating leads to weight gain.

The best solution to it is to eat slowly and with full attention on your food. Your intention should always be to enjoy and feel each bite in your mouth before it reaches your gut.

It doesn’t matter whether you are eating the chocolate pastry; your mind needs to feel each ingredient and taste if it can. The idea of mindful eating is to make eating a feeling which gives nourishment to your life.

It should stimulate the attention of your mind which is on a declining point or distracted at the moment.

4. Eat nourished and healthy food

Mindfulness does not need you to have a specified set of diet. You can eat anything but you need to have a complete attention of what you eat.

You can even have pizza and be mindful about the way you eat.

But if your aim is to lose weight, it would do you good if you can have the healthy and nourished food served on your plate.

You can apply the technique of mindful eating to a healthy, nourished and balanced diet; get a return in the form of a healthy and fit body.

5. Do not swallow but Chew

There is an old saying which says “You should not bite more than you can chew”. The saying holds the truth in the present time like mindful eating which wants you to have your attention in the present moment.

The moment you have your meal, your attention should be filled with the color and texture of it.

But you should take a small bite and allow your teeth to do the working of chewing it. Chew as much as you can so that it can be digested properly.

Mindful eating requires you to be aware of each clue food gives you. The moment you see the food, the moment you put it in your mouth and when you start chewing it, every clue you get shows your awareness towards your meal.

The lasting Words

Mindful eating requires your attention span to last for only 20 minutes. It’s not difficult to achieve without distraction.

Meditation is a difficult task and it cannot be achieved in a short span of time. In fact, meditation brings us nearer to the Truth than anything else.

Mindful eating is a meditation with open eyes. That’s a challenge, but once the technique is annexed it can do wonders to your health.

Using the above tips of practicing mindful eating, for sure can bring a lot of changes in your body weight and may help you lose weight with minimal body effort.

You need to be conscious when you eat your meal and your intention to feel the food.

Yet, mindfulness is not restricted to eating only. In the present business world, it is also being talked a lot and getting the wanted hype it deserves.

You can make use of this concept in your life every day and start connecting to the essential truth of the present moment.

Start with trying the technique of mindful eating for one meal and then slowly and steadily spread the mindfulness to other meals also.

It will help you in losing weight and get rid of indigestion and bloat.

How many times a day, you are mindful of the way you eat?

Share in the comments below.

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