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How Globalization has Instantly reduced your World?

How Globalization has Instantly reduced your World?


The world has become flat. And globalization has played an important part in making the world flat.


Yes, the term which opens up the territory of an economy and the country and removes the barrier to having a trade. It allows business to operate on an international scale.


In this post, globalization does not only mean, the globalization in India.


It means the globalization in the whole world. There are three phases in which globalization is divided.


These three phases will help you form a conclusion that how the world has become flat.


So let’s start by globalizing this post and let the information flow freely to you after these three phases are made clear to you.


1. From 1400 to 1800

During 1400, Columbus decided to come to India. Because he thought India had the plunder of gold. And it can be exploited.


He came to India through the ship and made Indians its slaves. It was a phase when the country moved with an aim to exploit the other country.


Or more precisely to increase its boundaries and rule over other countries. They used the nature as a compass. They traveled through ships to other countries.


So, this era was meant for the countries when they decided to move to other countries to use their resources or monopolized them.


Henceforth, it reduced the world.


2. From 1800 to 2000

During this phase industrialization took place. It was a phase when the industries took the initiative of globalizing the world.


They moved from their country to another country. It was during this phase Britishers came to India with the aim of trade and ruled it.


But globalization also got slow during this phase. The reason was the world war and great depression happened during this phase.


So this phase made the world small. As the industries had broken the walls of restriction and went in trade. It was also during this phase internet was born.


But it was companies which mend the walls of trade and begin trade with other countries and integrated it into one.


They made the world more free and small.


3. From 2000 onwards

In this phase, the power changed hands and it went into the hand of individuals. It was indirectly in the hands of individual only.


But the birth of World Wide Web(www) and the commercial use of it by the companies, made individuals jump into it.


www was invented by an individual only. So it was in itself a stroke. As an individual can now create and send the digital content from one place to another freely.


The world became a tiny place. Now the individual can interact and create own business and have the commercial transaction.


Internet and www are responsible for this globalization. The world has become a tiny space in terms for communication.


It is separated by the long distance. But it has reduced itself through technology.


So the world at last in this phase, in which I am writing this blog has become a tiny space.


It is an example in itself, that I am creating a digital content for the world.


So, that other individual can get liberated from ignorance through my post.


The Lasting Effect

These three phases have changed the course of the history. The last phase of globalization shows the current phase we are into.


The convergence of computers and the internet has enabled an individual to communicate with other individuals from other countries.


It has made the individual powerful and able to send his views and expertise and across the world in form of digital content.


We all are into an era where there is a flat world. And smartphones have made it accessible to us at anywhere possible.


But that is not it. I want to know from you.


How you make use of the flat world?




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