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How to instantly differentiate between a professional and an amateur?

How to instantly differentiate between a professional and an amateur?

Read the words which are going to follow at your own risk.


It may inspire you to become a professional. Till now you have been deluded by the complex definition of professionals.


It is true they are stiff and emotionless. But the work expects the professional to be.


Nobody wants to be an amateur. Not even me. We all start as an amateur. But we end up being a professional who is regular with the work.


To be more specific and clear, let us know the actual meaning of amateur. The word amateur has a latin root which means ‘to love’.


You might be thinking that’s a cool meaning and origin but actually, it’s not. Amateur loves what he or she does but is not regular with it.


Amateur does only when the inspiration strikes. And inspiration strikes the amateur mainly on weekend or when the time is free.


So, for professional it is work. It is every day. He does it for the keeps.


And by professional, I do not mean the doctors or the lawyers. I actually mean the professional as an ideal.


It also includes the writers, painters, the dreamers, and a person with an idea.


Amateur loves the work but is not able to make the work as life. While to the professional it does not matter whether it is raining, health is bad, personal relations are weak, they will show for work.


It does not mean professional does not love its work. But it does not love to the level where it gets choked up and fears action.


The professional knows where to draw the line. And yes it is true, the professional works for money. Because he knows that keeps the inspiration of discipline in order.


It keeps the professional working and improving.


So, if you are with an idea or struggling to start an enterprise then you are an amateur.


Because you are wandering in grandiose fantasies, amateur believes in grandiose fantasies.


Amateurs have the over expectation and lack of patience.


Professional knows it is going to take time. And he has to commit to his calling every day. It is not like a movie where a person becomes rich in three months or becomes a wrestler.


Professional doesn’t believe in such imaginary fantasies. They know the reality.


It steels them to face setbacks and fear.


An amateur fears failure, so he never begins the work on his idea. He shows off he is working but actually he is not.


To Professional failure does not have a great impact. It becomes a stoppage but they know that they need to do it again, failure does not matter.


Henceforth, the moral of the story is that whatever you do, becoming a professional is a necessity.


It demands you to dress up like a warrior. But working for your dream also requires you to do your job.


You cannot avoid it. The professional has no time to waste.


So it is high time, you take a risk and come out of amateur thinking and become professional.


It may be for an hour or a day. The change of perceiving and working like a professional and accepting the work may move you a step closer to your dream.


The above interpretation challenges the conventional interpretation of professional and amateur.


But before you question yourself who are you from the two, you need to answer.


Who are you, an amateur or a professional?


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