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How Idea of Fire Instantly Spread throughout the World?

How Idea of Fire Instantly Spread throughout the World?

Have you ever imagined? Which idea actually helped humans differentiate themselves from other animals?


I do not expect a perfect reply but the majority of you may end up answering ‘wheel’.


But you may get surprised that it is not a correct answer.


As it was actually ‘fire’. It was an idea, with a dangerous and destructive potential, capable of causing havoc, if not controlled.


But humans made a remarkable breakthrough by developing tools to create and control fire.


Now, you will like a judge in court, ask me to present evidence for my statement.


There is evidence that 1.6 million years ago, a group called Homo Erectus could actually harness fire to an extent.


And after the emergence of Homo sapiens, by 1250000 BCE, humans could create, control and use fire.


Before that, human used to have exposure to fire through the natural source like wildfire and forest fire. So humans knew how fire looked like.


They were not the inventor of it. It was naturally present in the environment. They were the innovators and were able to evolve it.


They took the risk to actually develop tools to control fire for its own survival. Human not only developed tools to control but also learned to create and use fire at its own will.


If you remember our history book in school showed a photo of an early man, using two stones to create fire. That is the photo ingrained in me, since my childhood.


The early men were ugly looking. I mean what I remember through pictures but they played a valuable role in the execution of the first idea.


Humans used fire to cook food, save itself from adverse weather conditions; protect them from pests and insects and help sharpen tools.


By controlling and creating fire, humans could eat nutritiously cooked food and do not depend on raw food for its survival.


So nowadays when I sit in front of the campfire in a group, I understand the value of burning fire. I know how it has helped us to earn a status above other animals.


Because when I see the footage’s of wildlife fire and forest fire on television, the destruction, and the havoc it is capable of causing makes me uneasy.


Then you come to know how much valuable this idea is for human. It was created out of necessity but it has evolved in its usage.


You cannot think your life without this idea. The fire led to the cooking which now has taken a form of an attractive skill.


Restaurant businesses which are personally my favourite cannot run their daily operations without fire.


The word fire became ubiquitous and attached with passion. It is used as a metaphor to describe love, ideas and also show intensity.


So, fire became the first idea ever thought by a human. But it existed in our nature much before.


If such a dangerous and a life-threatening idea, when it goes out of control, can be controlled and put to use by humans.


Think about the ideas which are not at all life threatening but are going unseen.


They require you to spare your look for them. They may bring a change in our civilisation, as the fire did 1.6 million years ago by getting human attention out of necessity.


But do tell me through your comments.


How you fuel the fire within you, to keep your idea alive in adversity?







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